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Company Recent Activity

Minerals Mining Corporation AG will present itself as being transparent and attractive to future investors and investment banks through the approach list below. This is expected to Maximize future refinancing potential for financing future prospects of MMC AG

 *Continuation of the listing of the company‚Äôs shares on OTCX in Switzerland. We have multiple opportunities to list MMC AG on a European Exchange within about 2 months. The first opportunely already coming up with OTCX where we plan to submit within about 2 weeks time.

This enables investors to easily participate in the expected increase of the value of MMC shares and in related growth and earnings potential of Minerals Mining Corporation AG.

 *In 17thof November 2016, negotiations started on an acquisition or on a joint-venture transaction involving a turn-key fully operational hotel property with HuaoGroup investment Co.LTD in Netherlands


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