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Minerals Mining Corporation it was originally incorporated in Colorado U.S.A. on October 29 1974. The Company had been engaged in the discovery and development of precious metals with mining properties, located at Quincy Plumas County California. The Company has 750 acres land, all reports has been filled with the Bureau of Land Management Sacramento California; the Company has permits to operate the mines from the United States Forestry Department Quincy California.




Corporate Purpose

Mining has been the historical focus of MMC and more specifically the mining of gold and/or other precious metals. MMC acquired and fully owns a debt free mining concession located in Quincy, Plumas County, California which consists of 750 acres of land where 39 unpatented mining claims are located with an appraised value of $ 5.5 billion. (KPMG value appraisal, January 2014).

MMC has now adopted a new diversified strategy of Venture Participation.

MMC acquires properties and/or projects, designs exploitation plans and selects specific partners to execute the actual development. MMC does not get involved in the operational activities and management of the project, however negotiates a position of co-control for quality in both the set up phase as well as the management level of the project.
The exploitation of the Castle (chateau Jemeppe) is aiming on the market of young business students from Chinese and European origin that are able and willing to pay upscale fees for superb short term education on business etiquettes and culture. As an extension of the business school and to optimize the conference hotel facilities and Chinese – European network of business contacts resulted from the combination of the quarterly refreshed influx of new students and old students, a members only business club will be established. It is envisioned to become an important and influential business hub for both Chinese and European members. For more info on the location check

MMC has also been able to obtain an option to participate in a unique European art project. This art project has the feasible potential to shake the world of art and entertainment on its foundations to the extent or more as the “Da Vinci Code” has done in our recent history. It comprises of hundreds of artworks including tens of works that are attributed by the original collector to great masters such as Van Gogh, Manet, Toulouse Lautrec, Cezanne and many others. Scientific research of very reputable and renowned institutes have indicated that all researched works to date are either already authenticated as genuine or have all the right indications to confirm the original attribution by the collector. The true financial and historical value of the collection is unparalleled and legitimizes the establishment of its own museum, which is envisioned to be located in Hong Kong and can potentially become a new icon for China and Hong Kong, attracting millions of visitors per year.

Company Mine Property, Minerals rights issued by BLM Bureau of Land managements' U.S.A


Summary Of Significant Nature Of The Business

Minerals Mining Corporation registered October 1974. The Company is engaged in the discovery and development of precious metals mining properties located in Quincy, Plumas County, California which consists of 750 acres of land where 39 unpatented mining claims are located. All assessment work has been done at the mines and all the reports had been filed with the Bureau of Land Management, Sacramento, California and the county of Plumas in accordance with the mining rules and regulations. The Company has a permit to operate on small scale, the mines from the United Sates Forestry Department, Quincy, California. The Company is intent on going in a big mining venture to recover the gold and silver in the proven reserves as soon as the price of gold increases in value. For the time being, The gold price reach to sky-high value.

Description of business – The company is engaged in the mining development in the United States since October 22 1974 the company has owned and operated thirty-nine (39) mines and one mill site at Quincy, Plumas County, California and is engaged in the exploration of said mines for the production of precious metal like Gold and Silver The company will not capitalize property taxes on its mining properties until the mines are ready for operation and development. Mission of Minerals Mining Corporation- Minerals Mining Corporation provide project-related information the Gold and Silver reserve report (See Stickel & Associate report) together with State owned mining Corporation on joint Venture cooperated basis today the management team consists of experienced executives and highly qualified personal all supported by government our corporate vision is focus on market rapidly growing on Gold sky-high prices Minerals Mining Corporation shareholder have option : They can buy physical Gold or buy priority Minerals Mining Corporation share.

The process of estimating reserves is very complex, requiring significant subjective decisions in evaluation available geological, engineering and economic data for each reserve. The data for a given reserve may change substantially over time as a result of additional development activity, production under varying economic conditions, etc.
Consequently, material revision to the existing reserve estimates may occur in the future. Although every reasonable effort was made to ensure that the reserve estimates reported represent the most accurate assessment possible, the significance of the subjective decision required, the variances in the available data for various reserves, make these estimates generally less precise than other estimates in connection with financial disclosure. Proven reserves are estimated quantities of gold and? silver which geological and engineering data demonstrate, with reasonable certainty. To be recoverable in the future years from known reserves under existing economic and operating conditions.
Stickel and Associates, independent consultants in applied geology, geophysics and engineering, has estimated 7,000,000 troy ounces of gold and 19,000,000 troy ounces of silver. The values of these reserves based on average market prices.( See Stickel & Associates Report )



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